• Basic Play Design

    Free Football Play Designer
    Easy to use Drag & Drop
    Share your play Free!
  • Premium Play Design

    Premium Football Play Designer
    Players labels Multiple lines & colors
    More play templates No advertisements
  • Premium Playbook Design

    Online Playbook
    User-friendly playbook Access & edit saved plays
    Create PDFs Print play & playbooks

Welcome to Football Playbook Online

Our software allows you to quickly create and share your plays and drills in multiple sports. The easy to use, drag and drop interface is available for football. And it's free. Design a play now!

The advertisement free Premium Play Designer opens up a number of additional features such as player tables, different line types, multiple colors for lines and players, and more play templates. Premium members also have a playbook to access and edit all of your plays in addition to creating PDFs to print play/playbooks.

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